Visual Data Analytics Platform for Construction

  • Reconstruct and Visualize 3D Reality over Project Timeline
  • Create and Manage Location-driven 4D BIM
  • Map 4D Reality with 4D BIM
  • Measure Progress, Productivity, and Analyze Risk for Delays
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How it Works

  • upload


    • Images
    • Point Cloud
    • BIM
    • Schedule
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  • creat & manage

    Create & Manage

    • 4D Reality
    • 4D BIM
    • Work Assignments
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  • analyze


    • Progress
    • Productivity
    • Potential Delay Risks
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  • improve


    • Schedule Reliability
    • Task Coordination
    • Team Communication
    • Personal Planning
    • Safety Assignments
Industries We Serve
Reconstruct’s web and mobile products seamlessly integrate Reality Capture, BIM, and Schedule, enabling construction professionals to manage their projects in a visual environment that is easy to use, accurate, and predictive.
For existing infrastructure assets, e.g., bridges and railroads, Reconstruct’s VizMap is an ideal environment to create and manage 3D Reality over time, and see high-resolution photos based on location (a point on the asset), track it over time, analyze, and produce inspection reports.
Trusted by
Lincoln Wood
VDC Regional Manager at Turner
The powerful thing about this technology is that it calls attention to elements of construction in our schedule grouped by their location in 3D. This streamlines the management of our weekly work planning efforts by allowing us to visualize and mitigate potential risks to our schedule before they happen.
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